The Yoga Collective is a boutique studio situated in the seaside village of Hout Bay, Cape Town. We offer both heated and non -heated vinyasa yoga as well as yin yoga and a variety of workshops and events.

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We offer both heated and non -heated vinyasa yoga as well as yin yoga and a variety of workshops and events. Kids yoga is also on offer twice a week Private and semi -private sessions can be arranged with any member of our friendly and knowledgeable teaching team

At the Yoga Collective we believe that yoga can be for everyone and we strive to offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with room for laughter and play as well as a daily dose of healthy movement.We’ve got amazing views of the mountains, plenty of parking, delicious coffee and food downstairs at La Cuccina and a Karate Dojo for a neighbour so even your kids will be entertained!

Drop in to any of our twice daily weekly classes or get your dose of weekend movement with heated vinyasa on Saturdays and yin yoga on Sundays.

Join The Yoga Collective today: we have the option of various packages and we also offer an annual membership at R599 per month and a six month membership at R675

Expert Instructors

Meet our Team

Mandy Hewlett

Mandy Hewlett

Mandy is the founder of The Yoga Collective and has been teaching yoga in Cape town since 2014.

She began her teaching career at The Wellness Connection (where she completed her first yoga teacher trainings) and moved on to teach at a few studios in and around Cape Town, before finally making the move to bring a more commercial studio space to Hout Bay.

Mandy enjoys being outdoors and connecting with nature whilst pursuing physical exercise, but Yoga is her true passion. Mandy has various qualifications under her belt including 500hrs of vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, aerial yoga and Budokon Yoga.

She teaches fun, strong vinyasa style yoga with an emphasis on listening to one’s body and finding what works for you.



Maya is the founder and owner of Unraveled Yoga and has been teaching yoga since 2009 when she completed her first teacher training course in New York City. These days Maya can be found teaching her unique style of flow around Cape Town where she runs teacher trainings and leads classes at selected studios.

Carla Collins

Carla Collins

My love affair with yoga has lasted nearly 2 decades and it has helped me navigate the many twists and turns of life. This multifaceted practice has so much to offer, a deeper connection with our breath, ourselves, each other and the world around us. These are tools for existence, tools for resilience. I aim to teach breath focused, inquisitive classes, encouraging exploration, to move comfortably and confidently. Moving with awareness. I love slow and focused classes and my training in Yin and Trauma informed much of what I teach. For me Yoga is a practice of wellness, feeling well, breathing well and being well.

Beverley Slauck

Beverley Slauck

Bev grew up practicing yoga with her grandmother which was a key factor in making the decision to start teaching herself She has completed her 500 hour advanced training with Catherine Wilkinson and teaches strong and creative vinyasa flow, power vinyasa and hot 26

“I believe Yoga is the practice of discipline. Through this discipline our mind and body find synchronicity, our reality shifts and we are able to discover our true selves What we learn on our mats we take into our daily lives, and I believe makes us better at living positive lives I look forward to seeing you on your mat”.

Linnet Marian Chihaka

Linnet Marian Chihaka

Yoga found me in the midst of an important epiphany about life and I instantly fell in love with it.I was never one to prioritize evaluating where i was headed or determine whether I was happy with the direction, and make adjustments as necessary. About 4 years ago yoga introduced me to the beauty of actually sitting, reflecting and taking some time to come into your body. It helped me so much I just wanted to share it with everyone around me. This navigated me to Wellness Connection where I did my 200hr teacher training with Catherine Wilkinson and a 30hr Kids training with Claire Weight.

Linnet teaches a slow and mindful style of Vinyasa, focusing on linking breath and movement whilst cultivating an awareness of the mind body and spirit.

Rochelle Blomeyer

Rochelle Blomeyer

Rochelle is a 200hr Vinyasa flow teacher. She completed her training with Maya at Unraveled in 2020 and teaches both heated and non heated vinyasa flow yoga for all levels

“I have realised the importance of learning to spot small everyday joys, and lining them up in a row. To practice coming back, again and again, fine tuning yourself for the present moment. Through mindfulness and movement, we can get there. After completing my teacher training and being a practising life coach, I have learnt that for many, letting go is the hardest posture. When we can appreciate how our body moves and become aware of the mind and the noise that it creates, we can begin to shift how we feel.”

Sonja Tiefenbacher

Sonja Tiefenbacher

Yoga has been in my life since I was a teenager, but only in the past 5 years has it really shaped my life. I started coming back to my mat after I hit a real low in my life. Once a week, quickly turned to daily. My practice became my therapy. Yoga has taught me that life happens right here in the present moment. Only this year I finally plucked up the courage to do my teacher training with Unraveled Yoga. I now combine my passion and work into one – how lucky am I!

I teach an all levels vinyasa flow class and hope you find the courage to listen to your body and learn to live life to its fullest with ease and an open heart.

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Heated vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath. We offer heated vinyasa which means that our studio uses an infra-red heating system to up the intensity of your practice. Infa-red is a healthy way for the body to absorb heat from an external source so practicing heated vinyasa in our studio is comparable to doing yoga in the warm sun (without the UV rays)

Non heated vinyasa

We also offer vinyasa classes that are not heated. These classes are available for various levels of practitioner including a “foundation” class for beginners

Express vinyasa

A 45 minute lunch time class, especially suited to those pressed for time (these classes are not heated)

Yin yoga

While “yang” styles of yoga (such as vinyasa) focus more on your muscles, yin yoga targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body.

Zoom Yoga

We offer some of our classes via “live stream” which means the teacher will also have students joining the class through a Zoom link. Zoom rates” which are R75 for a drop in and R500 p/month for unlimited zoom classes and access to recorded classes

12 month membership

R680 (pm)

6 month membership

R750 (pm)

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